Aturas School of Art - Drumoak Arts Centre, Drumoak, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Drumoak Arts centre is also home to The Aberdeen Green School and The Aberdeen Film & Drama Academy.

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Contact: Diane Elliott


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In Gaelic, aturas means a journey, an expedition, a pilgrimage

An Aturas art course can be one or all of the following:

A simple journey of building art skills. 

An expedition to connect with creative people. 

A  pilgrimage of personal growth and life design. 

The Journey

This is a practical journey. 

Training the eye to draw what it sees, quietening the critical side of the brain. Learning about perspective, shade, light.

The Expedition

A shared, powerful experience of awakening  the creative artist we remember.

Enjoying the company and community of others who are on the same road.

The Pilgrimage

This is the personal pilgrimage.

Taken to re-connect with the creative,  problem solving artist within.

To orient yourself and move life towards the direction you want to go, and to design the life you want to live.


Through the development of the individual art pieces, the course will lead all students through: 

An awakening or a reaquainting with creativity.

 A building of personal strength. 

An awareness of intuitive wisdom. 

A commitment to improvement.

Please view the gallery below

This artwork has just been completed by the 15-18 year old students from 

The Aberdeen Green School


The course begins with a cave drawing. This is done simply by creating shapes to reawaken our imaginative state.


The Greek artwork is a focus on  strength and precision to bring forward the strength that we need to respond to life.


The buddha art piece reflects on the intuitive wisdom we can all access when we quieten the noisy mind and practice good breathing techniques. 


The Japanse artwork is created post course. This is to allow time for attention to detail and a desire for continuous improvement in the piece of artwork and in all areas of life.

Aturas School of Art is within the Drumoak Arts Centre

Sunnyside Drive, Drumoak, Aberdeenshire, AB31 5EE

07507 682372